pasUNITY: One-Stop Shop for Accounting Integration and Automation Needs

Gary L. Fletcher, Jr. Vice President
Data, as deemed by many, is the new oil. With the enormity of data growing every passing day, the discipline of data integration is at a major crossroads when it comes to the volume, complexity, and diversity of data. The race to own the best-in-class accounting solution is on, wherein firms are propelled to leverage data integration and automation tools. “Organizations realize they can break the dependency on monolithic accounting systems in favor of a variety of best-in-class products and services and integrate them using SOA technology. Whether it is back office, payroll, property management, ERP, point of sale, analytics, or reporting, they are picking multiple vendors, which aren’t always focused on interacting and operating with each other,” says Gary L. Fletcher, Jr., Vice President of pasUNITY. To that he adds, “Effective data integration tools that implement the needs of specific industries are difficult to come by.” Set against this backdrop is pasUNITY, bridging the gaps by solving several existing integration challenges while simultaneously enabling new integration opportunities that customers can manage effortlessly. “We offer solutions geared towards solving accounting-centric integration and automation challenges, specifically tailored to unique customer and industry needs,” says Fletcher.

pasUNITY tailors each solution to meet each customer’s unique security, functional, and technical requirements over a one-size-fits all approach. Solutions are comprised of an enterprise automation engine that manages workflow and job execution, a powerful ETL (extract, transform, and load) engine that can transform nearly any type of data, and a modern web application that provides a clean, consistent, and secure management and end-user experience. The SOA architecture exposes web services for security, communication, collaboration, workflow, and mapping services common to all components. Fletcher summarizes, “Our flexible solution can either be deployed in our cloud, on customer premises, a third-party cloud solution, or some combination thereof.”

pasUNITY has engineered its toolset primarily to solve accounting challenges, and recognizes that those best suited to solve these problems are usually accounting professionals.
To that end, it enables citizen integrators and accounting professionals as much as it does IT technical staff. Fletcher states, “Complex but commonly needed accounting capabilities often absent or at best difficult to implement in other more generic products, such as chart of account mapping, allocation, aggregation, auditing, balancing logic, and multi-currency conversion, are first class features in our solution and easy to understand and use.”

Customers who have leveraged pasUNITY’s automation and integration platforms oftentimes ask the company to take over the hosting and/or management of their entire accounting ecosystem. “It often starts small with a few integrations, but after the customer sees how quick, easy, and inexpensive it is to leverage our integration platform they start to ask what else we can do for them.” Recognizing the need, pasUNITY established a fully managed cloud-based hosting service designed for both web-based and traditional desktop applications. “It was a natural evolution for us to host the same accounting applications we integrate with. It made maintaining the integrations cheaper and easier and eased the management and IT burden of the client. A true win-win.”

pasUNITY and its partners often leverage solution components not only in integration projects but also in new implementation and migration projects. pasUNITY has worked with several industry leaders, both vendors and implementers, in the accounting system space to build top-notch components. “Our team works closely with our partners and vendors alike to ensure that our suite is as full-featured and flexible as possible to support the widest range of products and use-cases,” explains Fletcher.

As its offering has matured, pasUNITY has been branching out from its traditional hospitality base into new sectors, like financial accounting and manufacturing. Starting with its sister organization and continuing with others, pasUNITY has established a nice partner network as it expands into other industries and continues to look for new opportunities and strategic alliances with implementers and vendors alike.


Gaithersburg, MD

Gary L. Fletcher, Jr. Vice President

pasUNITY, founded in 2013, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a technology and services company that specializes in data integration, process automation, and managed hosting. Through its exclusive toolset, pasUNITY easily addresses integration issues and provides clear insight into financial processes associated with hospitality organizations of all sizes. pasUNITY uses advanced features like aggregation, mapping, and allocations to make powerful accounting-centric data integrations. The process automation tool simplifies the creation, management, execution, and reporting of simple and complex workloads throughout an enterprise while the managed-hosting solution enables access of data and applications from anywhere