Attunity [NASDAQ: ATTU]: Accelerated Data Integration

Itamar Ankorion, CMO
In today’s click-and-play universe, Attunity, [NASDAQ: ATTU] recognized in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools, is a game-changer in the data integration and Big Data management market. With burgeoning trends like IoT invariably adding on to the data deluge, the amount of information that enterprises today collect and process has reached unprecedented levels. This is incapacitating them to economically store and rapidly retrieve data when needed. To that end, Attunity has strategically positioned itself to help large enterprises overcome data integration and big data management challenges. Today the company has over 2000 customers, 44 of which are Fortune 100 enterprises. “Our mission statement is to make data available and usable easily and quickly, and we help our customers to rapidly turn data into value by enabling real-time analytics and other important needs of the business,” says Itamar Ankorion, CMO, Attunity.

Enterprise data may be stored in traditional on-premises data centers or the cloud, dispersed across geographical locations and have different formats, making it challenging for enterprises to employ resources to effectively collect data for analytical initiatives. At the outset, Attunity is helping businesses to access and manage data cost-effectively by requiring minimal or no in-house development manpower. “Attunity focuses on creating technology and innovative data integration software that reduces the impact on the IT environment and development resources required for making data available across databases, data warehouses, and Big Data platforms, on-premises and in the cloud,” states Ankorion.

Attunity’s prolificacy revolves around its support for a broad spectrum of heterogeneous data sources, multi-style integration that collates information in real time, from many database systems, within the corporate network or over WAN. Its flagship product, Attunity Replicate, makes the process of replicating, transferring, ingesting, and acquiring data across different platforms easier, secure, efficient and reliable. With a history of being used for database replication and data warehousing, Attunity Replicate can now be used for cloud data delivery and large-scale data lake ingest, scaling up to hundreds or thousands of sources. A universal data integration platform, it can also be employed for real-time data streaming across a wide variety of technology platforms, ranging from legacy mainframes and other traditional databases and data warehouses to Hadoop and the cloud.

We help our customers to rapidly turn data into value by making data available where and when they need it for accommodating the varying needs of their business

For customers who want to create their own data warehouse, Attunity offers Attunity Compose, which helps enterprises accelerate the entire data warehousing process and make it agile. “Attunity Compose is the next generation of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) that enables customers to build data warehouses and automatically generate the ETL code for transforming data from its original format to the structure required, for subsequent analytics,” explains Ankorion.

Considering its handling of confidential data, Attunity abides by and uses stringent network protocols and encryption algorithms to ensure secure relay and movement of data. With its highly-efficient CDC (Change Data Capture) technology, Attunity helps customers sync, track and monitor data movement changes made on the source and target data repositories, in real-time.

Since its inception almost three decades back, the company has gained accretive experience providing data integration and management, and has significantly raised the bar for its competitors. In its journey forward, Attunity plans to expand its product suite, with further focus on Hadoop and the big data arena. Its unique stature in real-time data streaming and support for SAP data stacks in particular has already given the company a head start in the data integration space. Ankorion assures that the trend is set to continue in the coming years, with Attunity extending its support to include more data platforms and environments, and more large enterprise leaders looking to Attunity innovation to help enable their strategic and mission-critical data initiatives.


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Itamar Ankorion, CMO

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