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Playing It Right With Data Integration Tools

Richard J. Dewey, SVP & CIO, New York Independent System Operator
Richard J. Dewey, SVP & CIO, New York Independent System Operator

Richard J. Dewey, SVP & CIO, New York Independent System Operator

Challenges faced

Since the utility industry is becoming more data centric, the biggest challenge that we have been facing is data and data integration. Our challenges centered on management of data and sensible integration of it, so that people, who are trying to make business and operational decision frequently have access to all the data that they need, when they need it. Further, they need to have the right tools that are necessary to pull it all together to make decisions based on the information that is available.

In terms of what we expect from the technology providers to the enterprise, our needs are two-fold. First, we need better capability to manage the volume of data. New technologies like proliferation of facial measurements are leading to an explosion of data. We need tools for managing the storage of large data and being able to process it.

Data Integration is another tool that plays a huge role. Data Integration requires a set of tools that can be interfaced with data in many different formats and helps people organize and access it easily.

Pain points within the enterprise for which solutions do not exist yet

Especially in the utility industry, security of applications and data is something that demands greatly enhanced awareness and sensitivity. We have to balance accessibility and security as there is a greater number of people accessing new data to run their business.

When we try to throw light on the reliability and proliferation of energy market needs, there are high volumes of quality data that help in bringing out effective decisions.

So, in general, when you start to look at the electric system and energy industry as critical infrastructure, there is an expanding array of potential threats, both domestic and foreign. There is increasing regulation by the government in terms of new compliance obligations. So, as the need to access more data is increasing; the requirements to restrict it are also growing.

Therefore, a real business challenge is how you provide access to high volume quality data and provide the level of assurance about security and meet your compliance obligations.

Technology trends that have significant impact

I see a real impact from cloud computing. Meanwhile, the entrance of new service providers who can provide solutions that are far more cost effective is bringing a lot of changes. So, my work requires me to leverage and take advantage of these service offerings. In terms of security requirements, we have to have the capability of being tighter and restrictive.

Another significant trend is global computing. While providing access to data, service and products to an increasing number of customers through distributed platforms like smart phones or tablets, there is a need to package and deliver services securely and effectively.

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