Top 20 Data Integration Companies - 2018

Today’s rapidly evolving businesses require access to a variety of sources to integrate dispersed data that can provide valuable business insights. Flexibility and real-time monitoring of data is becoming ever more essential in managing and leveraging information to obtain results with reduced cost and risks.

Data analysts and integration architects are currently looking toward information platform-as-a-service solutions (iPaaS) which have proved to be enabling tools in moving data between a source and target systems. These new data integration solutions simplify transforming data into clean, readable formats, making them ready for querying and analysis. Such developments are making mining insights from business data much easier than before. The advancements in data integration solutions have also introduced built-in connectors to simplify reading and writing of every type of file, database or mainframe, creating a versatile connectivity.

Considering all these facts, our distinguished panel of CEOs, analysts, and CIOs has decided on a list of the top data integration solution providers. We present to you, CIO Review’s “20 Most Promising Data Integration Solution Providers - 2018.”

Top Data Integration Companies

Provides data integration and web analytics services to drive revenue for the media industry

Aggregates and analyzes data from multiple sources, and presents information in an intuitive and rich data visualization format

Provider of an intuitive platform that helps technical and non-technical people rapidly integrate systems

Brings best-in-market cloud data integration services for on-premises or Cloud Applications

Helps companies to automate the preparation and integration of data from disparate sources

Provider of a fast, effective, and intuitive data integration solution for cloud data warehouses on a cloud billing model

Technology and services company that specializes in data integration, process automation, and managed hosting

Rapidi uses cutting-edge technology to provide data integration solutions that are fast yet flexible, simple, robust, and secure

Renders strategic consulting and implementation services to maximize an organization’s HCM investments

StreamScape provides Real-Time Analytics and Agile Data Preparation technology for on-demand Business Intelligence

A modern professional services company committed to enabling data-driven organizations through its unmatched delivery of customized application development and data management solutions

Accur8 Software

Provides the healthcare industry with practical, innovative data analytics and integration solutions to address many of the important business problems that impact healthcare providers and payers today


Brings all your raw data together in real time and from all silos, for secure, real-time insights


Provides distributed cloud database for powering real-time applications at massive scale


Enables enterprises to instantly run and manage applications in cloud databases or data warehouses, within multiple databases or data warehouses, in the cloud, or between different cloud platforms

Orbit Repoting + Analytics

Consolidates information from on-premise, cloud or a combination of both and gives an up-to-the-minute view of the company


Provides specialty data aggregation and reporting solutions


Provides self-service data integration, transformation, and delivery


Provides end-to-end data life-cycle needs


Provides a cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to ensure that your information is available in the right place, in the right format, at the right time