Top 20 Data Integration Companies - 2017

Top 20 Data Integration Companies - 2017

Delivering the right data in the right format at the right timeframe has gradually evolved the path of data integration with real-time business intelligence. The convergence of offline and online across all sectors has further substantiated the need for business models to achieve data integration and management. According to Gartner, integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) is the architecture of choice for new integration projects that leaves traditional application integration suites behind. Organizations are adopting integration solutions in the cloud that can simplify data access and automate data harmonization for faster and collaborative exploration.

Open source integration is also gaining momentum to help in reducing complexities associated with connecting applications, data, and systems. These also include data processing platforms with a simple user application model for business consumption of insights. Today, a number of software vendors are offering data integration platforms that harness the potential of large datasets.

To help organizations find best-of-breed data integration solutions that suit their business needs, in this issue of CIOReview, we present to you the 20 Most Promising Data Integration Solution Providers 2017, featuring the best vendors offering data integration technologies and services that help enterprises overcome challenges in this sector. The firms featured in this issue have exhibited vast knowledge and in depth expertise in managing data integration.

 A distinguished panel comprising of CTOs, CIOs, analysts, and the CIOReview editorial board has selected the top players from the field of data integration. The listing provides a look into how these solutions work in the real world to get a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available in the marketplace today. We present to you “20 Most Promising Data Integration Solution Providers 2017.”

Top Data Integration Companies

Accur8 Software

Powered by data virtualization technology, Accur8 provides products and expertise for companies of all sizes to easily integrate, access, and leverage the full power of their data


ADV liberates data from vendor lock-in


Enabling enterprises to integrate EDI transactions in the cloud. Removing complexities and increasing revenue opportunities


Designed to allow third-party integration of PSCU information and functionality that will help deliver a superior member experience while also improving efficiency


A group of professional technology consultants specializing in human capital management consulting, business process optimization, and data integration services

Strategic Systems International

A specialized software services firm that provides data integration expertise


Provides cloud and big data integration software improving quality and enabling real-time decision making

Actian Corporation

Deploys data technology to ensure business critical systems can transact and integrate at their very best-on premise, in the cloud or both


A software company that enables business users to create data connections with customers and partners in minutes


Offers big data management solutions to move, prepare and analyze data more efficiently to streamline operations, increase productivity and improve decision making


Develops DataStax Enterprise, that distribute load efficiently and provide responsive access to data to build intelligent applications


Provides data integration that transforms the value of data faster, more effectively, in more situations, and for more needs

Information Builders

Information Builders provides software and services that transform data into business value


Provides single cloud platform to bring connectivity to any application and makes it easy for anyone to create strategic advantage with seamless digital experiences


Provides operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database platform for customers to build next generation applications on a unified, 360-degree view of their data

MuleSoft [NYSE: MULE]

Provides a flexible, unified software platform that enables organizations to easily build application networks using APIs

Progress Software Corporation [NASDAQ: PRGS]

A software company that simplifies management of business applications on-premises or on any Cloud, with minimal IT complexity and low TCO

SAS Institute

Offers data management software, modularized for rapid results


Provider of enterprise cloud and big data integration, helping companies connect their data, apps and APIs

TIBCO Software

Enabling single, seamless and trusted view of enterprise data through solid integration and data-quality solution