SMAC: The Acronym That is Revolutionizing the Industry

Jack Clare, CIO, Dunkin Brands

Jack Clare, CIO, Dunkin Brands

Social media is today understood as another marketing channel and medium, and the Cloud is really the opportunity to buy services vs. software and scale them quickly. For consumer-facing enterprises, Mobile and Analytics is the next Holy Grail: the primary device that consumers will live through and as a result engage brands with, and provides with the opportunity to tailor interactions with them through smart analysis of all of the data we have today.

"The biggest challenge that CIOs face today is the changing demands and expectations from employees, and consumers"

Whilst these are the trends that are revolutionizing the industry, the biggest challenge that CIOs face today is the changing demands and expectations from employees, and consumers. Firms struggle to control or predict the devices and actions guests may take, and how the company will best be able to serve them based on their changing needs.

Innovations are Key to Growth

We are, by nature, an entrepreneurial organization. As a result, we do a variety of small scale tests, proofs of concept, etc. We need to continue to emphasize the opportunity to fail early and fast without retribution so that our team is comfortable bringing ideas forward.

We encourage constant training for all employees and exploration in R&D. With the pace of new technology and services, there is a constant need to learn and explore ourselves, in order to help the brand stay ahead.

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